Lovely Grid Module Themes

I have created these CSS files, known as themes, for the TiVoWeb Grid Module.

LovelyLilac Grid Theme is to complement LovelyLilac Theme when using the Grid Module.

LovelyBlue Grid Theme For TiVoWeb to complement both the LovelyBlue and LovelyBlue2 Themes when using the Grid Module; it's designed to work with both (isn't that clever!).

Don't use them as Main Themes.

As yet, they have not been tested in TiVoWebPlus.


To install the Grid Module Themes,

The Linux for this would be:-

cp grid.css orig.grid.css
cp lovelyblue.grid.css grid.css

They should take effect on the next Grid Page reload.

They will show up on the Theme Page, don't click them; they will be picked up by the Grid Module.

Main Themes

LovelyBlue Theme For TiVoWeb Grid Module

LovelyBlue Theme For TiVoWeb

LovelyBlue2 Theme For TiVoWeb Grid Module

LovelyLilac Theme For TiVoWeb Grid Module