Installing a Toner Cart

This is the straight dope from the QMS Printer Manual.
With acerbic comments from me in Green.
And it says......
The toner cart contains the toner (who'd have thought it?)
and the laser-sensitive drum needed to operate the laser printer.
And the instructions go like this....
1. Open the printer top cover.
2. Hold the new cart with both hands.
(What do they think we are, stupid?)
and gently rock from side to side (the cart, not you).
This distributes toner inside the cart and helps
(note the caveat) assure quality printing.
This is how to shake a printer cartridge; click on it if you don't believe me.
3. Gently push the cartridge into the printer
until it fits firmly.
(So that's firm but gentle? Oh I see...)
This is what a printer looks like... Really, this IS a picture of a printer; click on it if you don't believe me.
4. Grasp the tab protruding from the left side of the cartridge
and flex it to break it loose.
Are they for real?!
Actually, the cart you get may not have a plastic tab; do not be alarmed.
This is a picture of a hand, pulling a tab
5. Pull the tab straight out. Pull the attached 22 inches (55cm) of tape
They're so precise, these QMS types....
of tape completely out of the cartridge.
Discard the tab and tape. Gosh, what a palaver!
This is a another picture of a hand, pulling a tab
and finally
6. Close the printer top cover.

The toner cartridge is now ready for use.